Anatoly Belkin is a Russian artist. Born in Moscow in 1953, he has lived his entire life – since early childhood – in St. Petersburg.

He was an early participant in the very first legendary “non-conformist” exhibitions.  His works were first acquired at the end of the 80’s by the State Russian Museum – of all places – which represented nothing short of a coup in those days for someone whose artwork was dismissed as “unofficial” by the government.

Creates works of paintings, graphics, sculpture, and genius behind several major museum installations.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Each In Their Own Place”. KGallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2017 “The Arch of Triumph on the Eye of a Needle” . Presentation The book of poetry by Dato Magradze, illustration by A.Belkin.  Akhmatova Apartment Museum at the Fountain House. St Petersburg, Russia

2017 “The Arch of Triumph on the Eye of a Needle”. Chavchavadze House Museum in Tsinandali. Tsinandali, Georgia

2017 “A Dark Story” co-operate with  Vladimir Dukhovlinov.  «Bulthaup» Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2015  “In Her Own Right, Amongst Her Own People”. Anna Nova Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014 “Great and insignificant”. Novy Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013  “A.P.B. at 60”. KGallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012 “Characters”. Novy Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Art Goes Outdoors”. «Bulthaup» Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011  “A Burglary at the Museum”. Museum’s night Lazarev Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010  “Side-by-Side”. AL-Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2008 ” “Non-objective”. Hermanni linnus. Narva, Estonia

2006  “Gold of the Swamps”. Triumph Gallery Moscow in partnership with The State Hermitage Museum. Moscow, Russia

2004  “Gold of the Swamps”. The State Hermitage Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2003  “Colour and Form”  Fondazione Adriano Olivetti. «Damanhur Crea». Olivetti factory Vidracco, Italy

2002 “Colour and Form”.  Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna. Saint Vincent

2000  “Dedication of a monument to Galina Staravoitova”.  Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1999  “Expedition #6”. Business centre «Nord capital». Saint-Petersburg Russia

1998 Solo Exhibition. Werdermann art Gallery. Humbug, Germany

1997 Kura Maralt Gallery. Berlin, Germany

1996 “Private Territory”. The State Russian Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1993 Werdermman art Gallery. Humbug, Germany

1992 Cesar Gallery. Göteborg, Sweden

1991 «Belkin, Chuykov, Kosolapov». Galerie Poll Berlin, Germany

1991 Le Vew Manor Gallery. Paris, France

1991 Gallery «Leleko art». London, UK

1990 Gallery «Leleko art». London, UK

1989 «Nachamkin» Gallery. New York, USA

1988 «Suomi Bank». Stockholm, Sweden

1977 Dzerzhinsky Culture Club. Leningrad, USSR

Works are represented in state and private collections.

The state Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

The state Russian museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

The state museum of history of St. Petersburg, Russia

Museum of Dramatic and Musical Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

Stedelik Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Institute of the East Europe, Bochum, Germany

Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Norton and Nensi Dodge’s collection, USA

Deutschebank, the New York branch, USA

Museum of Russian art, Mongeron, France

The state gallery of Vladivostok, Russia